About us


We support the students to live their productive lives in Japanese society.

We support the students to live their productive lives in Japanese society by providing educations not only Japanese language but also practical educations of Japanese culture to understand Japanese society and to live social lives peacefully. Through our school activities, we wish to contribute as much as possible to build up good relationships with countries in Asia and all over the world and develop the countries each other.


5 Features of our School


Gudance for Study and Higher Educations by Class Teachers System

The students can talk to their class teachers about anything difficult in studying Japanese.


Great Confidence with Guidance to Graduate Schools and Research Students.

Not to mention about guidance to universities and vocational schools, the teachers are well experienced and have superior techniques of guidance to graduate schools and research students. They teach not only "How to write research plans", "essays" and "oral interviews", but also unique method such as "presentation practices in research seminar" which helps to enforce presentation skills which are important in the field of research.


Preparation Classes for JLPT and EJU

We teach thoroughly about JLPT and EJU in these lessons by using not only textbooks from book stores but also our original teaching materials.


Provide online guidance course for... (For those who wish to apply)

We can provide guidance to enter higher educational institution as vocational schools or gaduate schools in Japan for the students before they come to Japan.


Kanji Class (as required)

Studying Kanji is a big worry for the people from the countries which do not use Kanji in their own language.
However, we can reduce their difficulties with using our original method which is quite unique and different from any other Japanese language schools.



Do you know "Osaka"?

"Osaka" has been developed as a political, economical, cutural and traffic hub in western part of Japan since long time ago. Osaka city is located in the center of Osaka prefecture and second biggest city next to 23 wards of Tokyo. Osaka city has active partnerships with San Fransisco city in the U.S., Shanghai city in China, Ho Chi Min city in Vietnam and so on.

Osaka is not only a big city but also a city with beatiful scenery with many rivers and canals which are faced to the sea. At the same time, atmosphere of Osaka is full of Japanese culture with many traditional things such as Osaka castle and "Tenjin Festival", the one of the biggest 3 festivals in Japan.

Our school is located in Umeda area, the center of Osaka city, which means, you will have advantage in findng part time jobs, not to mention that you can be exposed to Japanese society and culture in Japan more often than the others. Would you like to learn Japanese at our school that is blessed with such an attractive environment?

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