When is the timing of enrollment?
We have April enrollment (Advanced 2 years course) and October enrollment (Advanced 1.5 years course) available.
What do I have to submit for enrollment?
Application form, Personal records, ID card and others. Required documents differ by each country. Contact to us for further information.
When can I apply for enrollment?
For April enrollment, please apply from September 1st to November 30th of every year. For October enrollment, please apply from March 1st to May 31st of every year. We appreciate early application in case that we close acceptance of applications when they reach to quota earlier than the end of periods above.
Is it possible to enter the school for the person who has never studied Japanese at all?
You will need study record of Japanese Language at least 150 hours as the basis of the people who obtain student visa. Also, we recommend you to study Japanese in your country as much as possible before you come to Japan so that you can start learning at our school and challenge to pass the entrance examination of higher education smoothly.

Living in Japan

Is it possible to have a part time job?
After the immigration bureau issues your “PERMISSION TO ENGAGE IN ACTIVITY OTHER THAN THAT PERMITTED UNDER THE STATUS OF RESIDENCE PREVIOUSLY GRANTED“(資格外活動許可), you are allowed to work within 28 hours in one week. We will support you to go for job interview after we guide how to write your resume and business manners in the job places.
I think my Japanese is not good enough. Can I talk to someone in my own language when I have a problem?
There are staffs who can speak Chinese and Vietnamese as their mother tongues. We support the students’ trouble free lives in Japan, including simple questions and consolations from them.
Is there accommodations of the school?
We prepare accommodations for all the students we accept. Our accommodations are fully equipped with furniture and necessary things for living in Japan. You can start living in our accommodation from the first day in Japan.
About how much do we need for living per month?
100,000 JPY to 150,000 JPY in average.(Rent & utility cost: 30,000 JPY to 80,000 JPY + Food expense: 20,000 JPY to 30,000 JPY + Other costs 20,000 JPY to 30,000 JPY)

Classes at school

How does the school judge classes of the students for the first time?
Your class will be decided based on the result of placement test held before entrance. Writing and interview are included in this placement test.
Is there a students’ study room?
Yes. The students can study by theirselves at the library in the school. Also, you can borrow books from the library. Wi-Fi is available at the library.
Is there any other subject other than Japanese?
The students can take classes of measuring Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU), Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), each subject necessary for entrance exam of higher education and how to write research proposals.
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