Guidance about【How to prevent the crimes】

  • 2018.02.22 イベント
Guidance about “How to prevent the crimes” was held at school on 22th, Feb, 2018.
The police explained things as below.
・What the police office is
・What to do when people lose or find something on the street
・Traffic rules for bicycles
There are many things for the students from abroad to realize only after they are taught by someone else in Japan.
The police also explained very important things for the international students to know as, 
[working hours are decides as “within 28 hours per week” by the Japanese law], 
[they cannot sell their bank accounts] and so on.
Parents of the students are anxious about “safety” besides the study.
The police taught students how to defend from the enemy by themselves
how to react to the swindlers in Japan and so on.
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