【Emergency training by association of Nakatsu region, KIta ward, Osaka city】

  • 2017.11.12 イベント

On November 11th 2017, the students who entered to our school on October 2017 participated in the emergency training sponsored by the association of Nakatsu region, Kita ward of Osaka city.


Japan is a country which is prone to earthquakes.

There are students who came from the countries which there are not many earthquakes.

Therefore, it is very important to participate in the emergency trainings and be ready just in case.


In the training, they tried to use hydraulic jack and fire extinguisher.

They also simulated to be scared in full of smoke by fire with a tent which is filled with smoke. When people study and live in abroad, sometimes they experience interesting things and sometimes, hard things. We suppose they could learn one of the ways to save their own lives in a foreign country and environment which they have not been used to.

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