Classes and Extracurricular Classes
Practical Japanese Learning
with 2 Main Components.

We provide detailed education in classes that are organized by each level of the students’ Japanese language ability, using our original materials. There are class teachers of each class. The students can consult to the class teachers about daily study and how to go on to higher educations. We aspire the students to improve their ability that they can pass the examinations of higher educations such as universities in Japan and N1・N2 level in JLPT.


Learn in Classes

Teachers and environments that guide to a certain acquirements of Japanese language.

Naomi Isono

If you have a dream of studying in Japan, what do you think of looking at this website? Do you do nothing and just think of a faraway country like "Dreams come true someday if I am lucky"? I certainly like fun classes, but the most important thing in classes is generous "strictness". That's all for you. I can't stop believing "dreams are to achieve by passion and making efforts". Come on, let's take a big step to make your dream come true by yourself.


Yuki Tokiyoshi

My mission begins with meeting the students in abroad who wish to come to our school.
Then, I check the application documents very strictly so that we can accept these students.
After they come to Japan, I keep in mind about considerable support so that the students can get rid of their anxiety and solve their problems through their lives in Japan.
I sometime become a very strict teacher but basically, I wish to be their considerate mother in Japan.


Le Thi Thuy

Now, I know very well about living, studying and problems of international students through my own experiences of studying in Japan. I would like to support their lives and studies using my experiences. If you have any problems or worries, please feel free to come and talk with me!


Keita Nakamura

Headwater of the rivers which enriches the world is water drop of the word indeed.
Origin of all civilizations has been always word. Language acquisition is similar to acquisition of the new world and new personality. It will bring you new points of view and ideas in your life.
I would like you to come to our school if you are interested in culture, society, science or technology, no matter what aspect of Japan or Japanese language.
We are going to do our best to support you.


Tomomi Fujiwara

My students are trying hard to master Japanese, but they regard memorizing words and the usage of grammar as important too much.  Still they have not been able to express exactly what they think or feel by using what they've learned.  I'm wondering whether they are timid or tend to give up easily when they can't communicate in Japanese.  At home they made a big decision to study in Japan and arrived here all the way over the ocean.  So I want them not to give up easily and to have a try to communicate again and again.
It's my role to arrange the environment under which they can concentrate on their studies without concern. Alright, I will do my best for the sake of students!


Chen Ye

Since I was a child, I had been taught to do the same thing as the others to bring things well. However, I had been doubtful about "Why do I have to do like that". I came to Japan with wishes to learn more things in new environment, to brush up my personality and to exert my individuality.
I suppose there are quite a few people who have wishes like these.
I suggest you to stop being worried about the things go wrong when choosing a different path from the others. Why don’t you take the first step? Even though there are many difficulties at the beginning, there might be you who are excited about something when you get over them.
Why don’t you come to Kaisei Academy Japanese Language School to find out who you really are?


Ayaka Tanaka

Dear: Everyone who wish to study Japanese language
Hello. I wonder where you are and what you are doing. What do you want to do if you come to Japan?
「受けるよりも与える方が幸いである」“It is more blessed to give than to receive.” I like this phrase. What can you give to the people around you?I am not saying only about knowledge or technique but also kindness, love, smile and gratitude. I am sure that you have power to give them.
Japanese language is a tool to express yourself. Please learn Japanese here, mature and become a person who can give lots of things to the world. We provide stable environment for you to study. Looking forward to seeing you soon.


Sawa Tanigawa

Taking "small steps" is crucial to achieve something. By achieving small goals on a daily basis, you can accumulate a significant number of achievements within one year, beyond the number you can count on both hands. I have just embarked on a new path as a teacher, aspiring to become an admirable teacher like my senior colleagues. By working on small goals every day, you can steadily progress towards that goal.
If you are preparing to study abroad, you will be venturing into an entirely new environment. By gradually increasing what you can do, you can gradually approach your dreams. I encourage you to embrace the mindset of starting with "steadily progressing small goals" as you strive in new environment.



Learn in Experiences

Experiences to be exposed to practical Japanese

Nara Todaiji

Spring Excursion

We went to Todaiji temple in Nara as an excursion of spring. The students learned history and culture of Japan and peculiar manners when they visit to the temples.

Lectures of Bicycle Safety.

The students learn traffic rules in Japan by actual riding on bicycles.

Experience to Assist the People on Wheelchairs.

It must be the first time for the students to see and touch a wheelchair. They learned the phrases needed when assisting the wheeled chair passengers.

NU chayamachi

Yukata Festival

Events of Japan in summer is festivals. The students joined to "Umeda Yukata Festival" , stylish walk arounds in a city, held at commercial facilities in Umeda, dressed in Yukata.

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