Rent fee

For 2 to 4 students in 1 room. From 25,000 to 45,000 JPY per month
For 1 student in 1 room From 45,000 JPY per month

Accomodations are fully equipped with electrical appliances and furnitures. The students can start living comfortably right after they arrive at Japan.

※Initial cost (about 50,000 JPY) and unility cost (about 5,000 JPY) per month will be charged besides rent fee.

Part time jobs

The students will be able to work under permission of the immigration breau within 28 hours in one week unless it does not affect study. We can introduce part time jobs such as Seigakusha, an operating company of our school, relative companies and so on.


Various services for the students to live in safe environment.
Please check the website for further informations.

National health insurance

※Charged to the students:about 1,300~2,400JPY per month.

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