Student's Voice


I want to strengthen my ability through studying medical economics.


Why have you decided to come to Japan?
What is the reason?

Since I was a child, I liked animation. That's why I came to Japan.


Why did you choose Kaisei Academy Japanese Language School?

In this school, teachers tell us not only languages, but also guidance to the higher educations. This guidance is the most important part for me. So I chose Kaisei Academy Japanese Language School.


How is the lessons at Kaisei Academy Japanese Language School?

I think the content of the lessons are easy. The teachers are very kind. The lessons are also fun. I think that it is easy to understand. I think that my Japanese skill has risen from the previous level, especially in conversation. I will continue to study.


How is the school events and activities at Kaisei Academy Japanese Language School?
What do you think about having such opportunities?

I went to Nara for my excursion. I went to Gion Festival in Kyoto and joined "Umeda Yukata Festival" in Umeda. I was able to dance "Bon dance" with local people. I enjoyed it. I was surprised that the festival was so exciting. I also did not suppose that the elderly people in Japan are so energetic. I have learned a lot of new words through these events.


How do you feel after spending several months in Japan?

I received some helps from Japanese people. They were kind. People here are relatively quiet compared to Chinese people.


What is your first impression about Kita-ku of Osaka city where the school is located?

Well developed city. There are many people, many restaurants. And it takes only 5 minutes by bicycle to the school from where I live.Transportation is convenient. I can reach to Kobe city by train in about 40 minutes. I feel Japanese food taste quite plain when I sometimes eat out.


What is your dream?

My dream is to be a doctor. Or I'd like to have my own hospital. Japan is a medically advanced country. I want to strengthen my ability through studying medical economics.


Do you have any messages to people who are thinking about entering Kaisei Academy Japanese Language School?

If you want to study in Japan, I highly recommend Kaisei Academy Japanese Language School from the bottom of my heart. The teachers here are very responsible. Because the school is newly established, facilities are not perfectly in order yet. But the teachers in this school do their great efforts for the students.

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