Student's Voice


I came to Japan to study package design.


Why have you decided to come to Japan?
What is the reason?

I came to Japan to study package design.


Why did you choose Kaisei Academy Japanese Language School?

I heard that Kaisei Academy Japanese Language School is strong in guidance to graduate school. I think this point is suitable for me. Also, the school is located in the main area of Osaka city where I like. So, I chose this school.


How is the lessons at Kaisei Academy Japanese Language School?

I think the content of the lessons are easy. The teachers are very kind. The lessons are also fun. I think that it is easy to understand. I think that my Japanese skill has risen from the previous level, especially in conversation. I will continue to study.


How is the school events and activities at Kaisei Academy Japanese Language School?
What do you think about having such opportunities?

Events and extracurricular activities at Kaisei are very interesting. For example, soon after I arrived at Japan, the teachers took us to cherry blossoms viewing. Because I am awkward to get used to the new environments, this event was very relaxing and soothed me. After that, through the excursion to Nara, we understood Japanese culture deeper than before. I think that such activities are very useful in both studying and living.


How do you feel after spending several months in Japan?

I have not noticed four months have already passed since I came here. While these months, I felt very pleased that I could participate in the events such as school excursions. Of course, I enjoy the classes and interacting with the teachers, too. Besides studying for higher education, the difficult thing for me is that I often get lost again and again. I am not good at looking at maps, and the sense of direction is also dull.


What is your first impression about Kita-ku of Osaka city where the school is located?

The school is located in the area that is convenient for transportation. From the school, it is quite easy to go to Kobe or Kyoto. This area is also convenient for shopping. And I think Japanese food is very nice. I improved my cooking Japanese food by myself.


What is your dream?

I wish to have opportunity to get a job in Japan after I successfully graduated from the graduate school.


Do you have any messages to people who are thinking about entering Kaisei Academy Japanese Language School?

If you come to Japan for the purpose of studying, I think that Kaisei Academy Japanese Language School is very suitable for you. If you wish to go on to a graduate school, you should come to Kaisei.

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